Sunday, November 2, 2014

ECB stress test 2014, facts, comments & related news

The facts:

2014 EU-wide stress test results [EBA, Oct 2014]
Comprehensive assessment [ECB, Oct 26 2014]

comments, discussion, related news:
ECB Plans ‘Intrusive’ Probe of Banks’ Risk-Weight Models [Bloomberg, Nov 18 2014]
After AQR and stress tests – where next for banking in the Eurozone?  [T Beck,VoxEU, Nov 10 2014]
Eurozone Bank Regulator to Follow Up on Stress Tests  [Dealbook,NYRimes, Nov 3 2014]
Danièle Nouy : « Les "stress tests" étaient nécessaires pour retrouver la confiance »  [Les Echos. Nov 3 2014]
Cracks in the Stress Tests of European Banks [NYTimes, Nov 1 2014]
European stress tests not stressful enough [Frances Coppola,Pieria, Oct 28 2014]
Monday blues for Italian banks [Silvia Merler, Bruegel, Oct 28 2014]
Bankentest is moeilijke evenwichtsoefening [Paul de Grauwe,Oct 28 2014]
Mediobanca plans no M&A, year gets off to strong start [Reuters, Oct 28 2014]
Banks now ready to face any risks [Cyprus Mail, Oct 28 2014]
Stress Tests: Statement form Roberto Gualtieri the ECON Chair  [, Oct 27 2014]
European Bank Tests Not As Stressful As Hoped [Forbes, Oct 27 2014]
Under full capital rules, 36 EU banks would have failed test [Steve Slater,Reuters, Oct 27 2014]
The ECB’s Stress Tests and our Banking Dis-Union: A case of gross institutional failure [Yanis Varoufakis, Oct 27 2014]
For Spanish Lenders, What a Difference Two Years Make [Dealbook,NYTimes, Oct 27 2014]
European Stress-Test Results Have Isolated Errors, Inconsistencies  [WSJ, Oct 27 2014]
Italy Bank Mergers Possible After ECB Tests, Industry Group Says [Bloomberg, Oct 27 2014]
ECB Review Marks End of Europe Banking Crisis, Dijsselbloem Says [Bloomberg, Oct 27 2014]
European Stress Test Results – Both ‘Worrying and Reassuring’ [WSJ, Oct 27 2014]
ECB stress tests vastly understate risk of deflation and leverage [AEP,Telegraph, Oct 27 2014]
E.C.B. Stress Tests Seen as Bolstering Confidence in Banks [Dealbook,NYTimes Oct 27 2014]
Europe’s Banking Union starts on an encouraging note  [N Veron, Bruegel, Oct 27 2014]
Only Few Banks Failed, But The ECB "Stress Test" Also Reveals Weaknesses Of Those That Passed  [S & P Global Credit Portal, Oct 27 2014]]
Monte dei Paschi’s Stress-Test Failure Opens Door to Possible Merger, Sale [WSJ, Oct 27 2014]
The European Commission welcomes the publication of the results of the EU-wide stress test [,Oct 26 2014]
The marathon has only just begun – what will come after the stress test? [Bundesbank, Oct 26 2014]
Bank of England statement on EBA stress test publication [Bank of England, Oct 26 2014]
Dexia et Axa Banque Europe recalées aux stress tests, mais sans conséquence  [LeSoir(be) Oct 26 2014]
A Country-by-Country Breakdown of the Stress Test Fails [WSJ blog, Oct 26 2014]
Volksbanken Faces Scrutiny as ECB Finds $1.1 Billion Hole  [Bloomberg, Oct 26 2014]
Van Overtveldt: "Met Dexia zitten we duidelijk op het goede pad" [De Morgen, Oct 26 2014]
For Europe’s banks, $36-billion hole isn’t as deep as it seems  [Globe & Mail, Oct 26 2014]
Harmloses Ergebnis mit starker Wirkung [SZ, Oct 26 2014]
ECB faces test of its own as Europe braces for landmark banking review [Reuters, Oct 25 2014]
Who’s afraid of the AQR? [Michiel Bijlsma & Sander van VeldhuizenBruegel, Sep 24 2014]

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