Saturday, February 23, 2013

The UK loses its 'AAA' (Moody's rating agency)

The decision, comments by politicians, economists and market reaction (next week)

Losing our AAA rating could mean bank collapse and deflation (Telegraph, Feb 20th 2013)

Rating Action: Moody's downgrades UK's government bond rating to Aa1 from Aaa; outlook is now stable ( 

George Osborne: Mais Lecture - A New Economic Model (, Feb 24th 2010)
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UK loses top AAA credit rating for first time since 1978 (, Feb 23rd 2013)
Britain's downgrade - ITV live blog (
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Osborne staked everything on AAA. This downgrade is a disaster for him (Telegraph, Feb 22nd 2013)
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Osborne To Continue With Austerity Programme Despite AAA Downgrading (HuffPostUK,Feb 23rd)
Did the recent move higher in UK bond yields trigger the switch to “negative outlook” by Fitch ratings agency?
(, Mar 15th 2012)