Sunday, July 14, 2013

German finance minister Schäuble's statement on possible 2nd 'haircut' for Greece (OSI)

Merkel, Schaeuble stress opposition to new Greek haircut (Ekathimerini, Jul 12th 2013)

The interview in full:
 (,Jul 12th 2013)(German)

By promising German taxpayers to do his utmost to support Greece* he could have referred to this:
Schaeuble to sign investment deal in Athens (Ekathimerini, Jul 13th 2013) (via @h)
(more on that German KfW initiative for Southern Europe (Spain,Portugal,Greece) here (EZR compilation))

* "Ich garantiere, dass ich alles tun werde, dass das Programm erfolgreich sein wird."
             source: Bild Zeitung   (same link to full interview above)

note: headline rephrased after readers questioned "FinMin" ... so now it is "finance minister". Apologies 

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