Saturday, April 20, 2013

German FinMin Schaeuble confirms: Cypus is template for future bail-ins

(He used the German word "Vorbild" which means example or better role model)
Schäuble: Nicht mehr als zehn Milliarden Euro für Zypern (, Apr 20th 2013)
Translation of bail-in template remarks by FinMin Schaeuble

German fining wants investors involved in future bailouts - report (Reuters, Apr 20th 2013)

Schäuble: Cyprus rescue is a template ( , Apr 20th 2013)(Dutch)

Zypern-Hilfe: Schäuble will Bankkunden an Rettung beteiligen via @welt

(wiwo's editor in chief) 

Dijsselbloem's bail-in doctrine - Template or not ? [EZR compilation, Mar 29th 2013]

note: It's highly likely that there will be a comment on this matter later (in the comment section of this blog)

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