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The Netherlands: developments after cabinet fails to agree on austerity measures

Eurozoneremarks - The Netherlands after 'Catshuis' talks failed

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after 7 weeks of negotiations between coalition partners VVD & CDA and 'supporting'  party PVV it looks as if there are new elections to be held in the Netherlands in September/October 2012. In order to follow ongoing events there will be some reports posted here. As always check for updates.  

Statement of prime minister Rutte after austerity negotiations failed

Apr 22nd 2012 *
Chaos days at PVV '5 Mps threathened to quit' (dedagelijksestandaard)
Apr 22nd 2012 *
Blok(VVD): PVV faction withdrew support for Wilders (NOS)
Apr 22nd 2012 #
The Netherlands is sliding towards a crisis (WSJ_de)
Apr 22nd 2012

Dutch Leader Rutte May Seek Budget Deal Before Early Elections
Apr 21st 2012

Dutch Austerity Talks Fail as Geithner Prods Europe ¹
Apr 21st 2012

Dutch government austerity talks collapse ²
Apr 21st 2012

Dutch Early Elections Likely After Wilders Opposes Budget ³
Apr 21st 2012 *
Dutch FinMin de Jager 'will do everything' to retain AAA rating DFT
Apr 21st 2012 *
The Netherlands could finally loose its 'AAA' status (welingelichte kringen)
Apr 18th 2012 *
Cabinet Rutte gets a 'D' (FTM)

* pdf CPB economic forecast that led to the walkout of Mr Wilders. (dut, pdf)

Some more info on the breakdown of Dutch cabinet 
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Live blog: What next in The Hague  (dut, NOS publ. TV)
Live blog: an exiting day in The Hague  (dut,RTL)
BNR - business news radio  (dut, radio&web info)

Here are some 'older' articles on The Netherlands

* = Dutch, # = German language

¹ = via @NYTimes

² = via @germany_news

³ = via @tiefseher

Saturday, April 21, 2012

CPB data: forecast Dutch economy 2012-2015 for Dutch government

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the meetings held in 'Catshuis' in order to agree on a budget 2013 broke down. After almost 7 weeks Mr Wilders (PVV party) left the negotiations because he wanted to protect pensioners from cuts in coming years. (he said so) So although it's uncertain what happens next (new elections in July or September it seems) the Dutch institute that provided that crucial economic forecast for the government (led by PM Rutte (VVD)) published its findings, which led to the breakdown of those austerity negotiations : (according to Mr Wilders)

CPB data official website  (via @CentraalPB) About CPB (eng)

alternative website (mirror by Dutch public TV, if CPB website is down again) 
(via @rietbergen)(pdf, Dutch, 8 pages)

CPB: moderate economic recovery after 2012 (eng)
complete report pdf, Dutch, 138 pages

Calculations of proposed measures of various Dutch parties:
green-left , PvdA (Labor) , D'66 (center left), Christian union
(all in Dutch, April 26th)

The Netherlands: 8 charts on economy 2007 - 2012 (by Scott Barber/Reuters)

Some more info on breakdown of dutch cabinet
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A translation of the Dutch PM Rutte's statement on the failure of austerity talks will be available here later. 

Dutch PM to announce cabinet resignation -sources

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wolfson Prize

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the Wolfson challenge for the best proposals for an orderly breakup of the eurozone has chosen the 5 most promising candidates for claiming the prize. The bigger story however seems to be the contribution made by an 11-(!)-year-old boy from The Netherlands.

Jun 5th 2012 The winning proposal by Roger Bootle: 
Leaving the euro: A practical guide (pdf,156 pages)

Debt crisis: 11-year-old Jurre Hermans wins €100 for 'pizza and pancake' Greek euro exit plan
Lord Wolfson: Why an easy exit from the euro is impossible
Apr 6th Sechs Masterpläne für das Ende der Euro-Zone

Wolfson Economics Prize

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British research institute investigates return of guilder on behalf of PVV
Arnab Das & Nouriel Roubini: A Divorce Settlement for the Eurozone

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